Posted on April 19, 2012
Posted by Jim Schultz

Jim Schultz

Jim Schultz

*Any times indicated are for the Pacific Time Zone.

*Refer to “AstroCast” by Kimberly Maxwell for more detailed information as these events unfold.

*Remember, these are just transits and they too, like a kidney stone, shall pass.



06/01/17 – 5:42 am – Moon square Sun

With the Sun in mutable air (talkative, may have difficulty focusing) Gemini and the Moon in mutable earth (practical, sometimes critical) Virgo, this is the first quarter waxing crisis of action square.  You may feel a need to act but have difficulty deciding on what or which action to take as both signs are mutable and subject to change.  Prioritize!  Go big; what’s most important now, work, family, friends or something else?  Sometimes the best action may be no action.  Ask someone you trust for their thoughts or opinions.  If you ask for advice from someone you trust, show them you value them and take it.


06/01/17 – 8:23 am – Venus trine retrograde Saturn

When the Goddess of love, beauty and symbol of what we desire makes an easy flowing aspect (trine) to practical, follow the rules Saturn it’s time to really get real.  When Saturn is also retrograde it may bring up something or someone from the past.  It may be too late to second guess yourself now; but you can still learn from reflecting on why you did what you did then.  Venus also is about money so stay within your budget.  Just because something is pretty or shiny and you “want it now,” doesn’t mean you need it or should buy it.  When it comes to relationships, don’t make any hasty decisions.  Don’t go jumping into a new relationship, especially if you are still in one.


06/02/17 – 1:54 am – Mercury goes Void-of-Course

Following a trine to the Moon Mercury goes void-of-course for over four days; four days 13 hours to be more precise.  A Mercury void-of-course can be much like a Mercury retrograde so be sure to re-read everything you write (texts, emails, etc.) or before you sign anything.  Listen before speaking.  Be sure you understand the question or what the other person is saying.  If you aren’t sure, clarify.  Remember Abraham Lincoln, “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”


06/02/17 – 2:48 pm – Moon and Mars go Void-of-Course

Following a first quarter waxing crisis of action square both the Moon in Virgo and Mars in Gemini go void-of-course.  This may be much like the Sun Moon mutable square of yesterday.  With Mars you may feel an even stronger need to act impulsively.  If it’s a “life or death” situation, trust your instinct and act; otherwise, it’s better to press pause and consider your options.  It’s a relatively short void-of-course for the Moon, just over two hours.  Avoid starting any new projects if you can.  The Mars void-of-course lasts longer, over 42 hours.  When void-of-course Mars can behave a bit unruly; that is as if He is retrograde or out-of-bounds.  Be extra cautious.  Watch out for the other guy, the one who causes accidents.  It’s more important that you get where you are going then that you be the first off the line at the green light or the last one through the yellow.  The old adage, “Haste makes waste” is particularly true during this time so don’t!


06/02/17 – 5:04 pm – Moon enters Libra

Moon void-of-course is over.  You should be good to go with any new projects, just remember that both Mercury and Mars are void-of-course and that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde so don’t try to force something to happen, you’ll just be wasting your energy.


06/03/17 – 12:31 am – Venus conjunct Uranus

You may find yourself asking “Where did that come from?” be it something or someone.  Expect the unexpected and if it happens it will most likely involve someone you find yourself attracted to or something you desire or want.  Give yourself time to reflect and consider as it’s only a transit and “this too should pass.”  If it doesn’t, then you may want to consider it further.


06/03/17 – 9:12 am – Sun trine retrograde Jupiter

This is the waning or closing trine which means that Jupiter’s retrograde is coming to an end.  These are the two “big guys” in the solar system.  Between them they pretty much control everything else going on around them.  Their gravitation is the “glue” that holds our solar system together.  A trine makes for an easy flow of energy, but sometimes it can feel too easy and so we take it for granted and instead of giving something that extra nudge or effort to make it happen we wait for it to happen and too often find that it doesn’t.  It passes us by because we weren’t willing to take that extra step to make it happen.  If you want to take advantage of the opportunity, then you need to answer the door when it comes knocking.  If you don’t, it just moves on to someone else’s door.


06/04/17 – 9:14 am – Sun square Neptune

This is the first quarter waxing crisis of action square in the annual Sun Neptune cycle.  Time to act on that special dream of yours.  Consider your options and possible actions carefully.  This square also means that Neptune will be going retrograde before long and whatever choices you make now should be for the “long haul;” not with immediate gratification in mind.  With Neptune you can expect periods of doubt, of uncertainty or wondering did you make the right choice.  It could be a while, weeks or even months before you know for sure.  Neptune often likes to test our faith in ourselves or others.


06/04/17 – 9:16 am – Mars enters Cancer

The Mars void-of-course is over.  He is in-bounds and should behave “normally” now.  Did you feel a shift as Mars moved from mutable, indecisive air Gemini into cardinal, decisive water Cancer?  You may find yourself feeling more sure of yourself and other’s now.  The water signs symbolize our feelings and emotions.  Trust your instincts, your feelings; if it feels right, then it probably is right.


06/05/17 – 1:57 am –Moon and Venus go Void-of-Course

Following an opposition from Venus’ other sign of Libra, both the Moon and Venus in Aries go void-of-course.  It’s a short one, less than two hours for the Moon and in the wee hours of the morning so most will just sleep through it.  For Venus it will last over 22 hours.  Avoid starting a new relationship or making any large (expensive) purchases or long term financial commitments.  If you “must have it,” at least wait until tomorrow to commit.  Allow yourself today to reflect on it and consider any potential financial repercussions.  Don’t forget, Mercury is still void-of-course.


06/05/17 – 3:46 am – Moon enters Scorpio

It’s Monday morning and you should be good to go on any new projects or tasks that come up today.  Whatever they may be, take them seriously and do your very best; otherwise, they may come back to “haunt you.”  Venus and Mercury are still void-of-course.


06/06/17 – 12:27 am – Venus enters Taurus

The Venus void-of-course is over leaving only Mercury void-of-course.  While you have a mostly “green light” for new projects, be sure to re-read all communications before sending and contracts before signing.  If you take on a new writing project, be methodical, get some input from others and if you can, wait until after Mercury enters Gemini before submitting it.


06/06/17 – 3:15 pm – Mercury enters Gemini

The void-of-courses are over; not for long, but you do have a two hour window of opportunity before the next one.  If you have any new projects or tasks that need to be done by tomorrow, get them started now for the Moon will be going void-of-course shortly.


06/06/17 – 5:35 pm – Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a sextile to retrograde Pluto the Moon goes void-of-course for over 22 hours.  If you can, avoid starting any new projects or tasks until after the Moon enters Sagittarius.  Better to focus on existing projects, one’s that you can finish or move on to the next step or phase.


06/07/17 3:59 pm – Moon enters Sagittarius

The long void-of-course is over.  It’s hump day, a good day to give things that extra shot of energy and “push” them over the top.  Tomorrow it will be time to access how well things are working or coming together.  What have you accomplished?  Are you on schedule?  What still needs to be done?


06/09/17 – 6:10 am – Full Moon opposite Sun

It’s Friday, end of the regular workweek for many and as the Moon sets in the west the Sun will rise in the east shining its light on you and your projects.  It’s “harvest time” so if you find yourself in the spotlight, it will be up to you to sell “it” and yourself now.  Questions may arise and choices may need to be made.  Be prepared to respond and to offer your opinion on which choice is best.


06/09/17 – 7:04 am – Jupiter Stations Direct

After over four months of apparent backward motion, Jupiter is finally ready to move forward again.  In the days and weeks ahead things should start to shift, to move forward again.  Most may find themselves feeling more optimistic.  Projects or ideas that have seemed to be stuck may now begin to flow.  Good fortune favors those who are prepared.  Be ready at the door when opportunity knocks or calls.


06/09/17- 8:41 am – Venus sextile Mars

The two classic symbols of female and male are given center stage now.  Generally sextiles represent an easy flow of energy so this can be an opportune time to move a relationship to the next level.  A word of caution though as sextiles can sometimes be traps and leave one suddenly feeling as if they’ve stepped into “quicksand” or a maze and can’t find a way out.  Venus is in Her home sign of Taurus, fixed earth and prefers to move slowly and with consideration.  Mars is in foreign if somewhat familiar territory, cardinal water Cancer and just wants to act, to do it.  Don’t just give in to pressure from partners or others, including family, friends or sales people.  You are the best and ultimately final judge of what is right and best for you.


06/09/17 – 11:20 pm – Moon goes Void-of-Course

It’s late Friday night and following a trine to Uranus the Moon goes void-of-course for just over five hours.  As with all things Uranus, expect the unexpected because you can’t really prepare for it.  Sometimes the “unexpected” may turn out to be the “expected” or the “obvious” choice so don’t rule that out.


06/10/17 – 4:36 am – Moon enters Capricorn

It’s early Saturday morning and the void-of-course is over.  Do something spontaneous if you want to.


06/12/17 – 11:45 am – Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square to Uranus, the Moon goes void-of-course for the next five hours.  If possible, avoid starting any new tasks or projects, instead focus on those already in progress and set the new ones aside for tomorrow.  If you must start something new, pay close attention to details, make lists, DON’T rush it and prepare yourself for the unexpected.  Moon void-of-course times are notorious for times when we miss details or find out later that we didn’t have or weren’t given all the information we needed.


06/12/17 – 4:45 pm – Moon enters Aquarius

The void-of-course is over and you should be good to go on any new projects you’ve set aside.  Remember, haste makes waste so as the carpenters say, “measure twice, cut once.”


06/13/17 – 7:08 am – Moon square Venus

This is the first of five exact aspects today, three by the Moon and two by Mercury; well technically three by each as the last aspect involves the two of them.  This is the third quarter waning crisis of consciousness square in the monthly cycle of the two main ladies of the zodiac.  This square is about re-evaluating the worth of things, of why are you hanging on to that idea, thing or perhaps person.  With Venus in Her home sign of fixed earth Taurus and the Moon in fixed air Aquarius this can be an opportune time to focus on any uncompleted home projects.  Should you finish it or start over?  If you need to finish it, what do you need to complete it?


06/13/17 – 8:45 am – Mercury trine Jupiter

The second exact aspect of the day is an easy flowing trine from fast moving Mercury in its own sign of mutable air Gemini to slow moving Jupiter in cardinal air Libra.  It may seem as if our minds are playing catch up with our mouths.  Whatever you have to say, it needs to make sense so you may need to rein in your mouth in order for your brain to keep up with it.  It doesn’t really matter what great pearls of wisdom you have to share with others if they can’t understand you.  Don’t forget to listen to others so when you respond, it is to what they had to say and not what you think they may be going to say or what may have been going on in your mind.

Following this the third exact aspect of the day finds the Moon trining Jupiter to pick up any messages left by Mercury.


06/13/17 – 8:29 pm – Mercury square Neptune

This is the fourth exact aspect of the day and the opening or waxing first quarter crisis of action square in the annual cycle for these two.  Engage your brain before speaking for Neptune may attempt to confuse or befuddle your audience with His fog machine.  Your message may be important but if they can’t understand you, you will quickly lose your audience.


06/13/17 – 8:56 pm – Moon trine Mercury

This is the fifth and final exact aspect of the day.  What response did Jupiter give the Moon to deliver to Mercury? Take time to reflect on your day, on ideas that came to you, on conversations you had.  Does something that didn’t make sense earlier now make sense to you?  Does something you heard or thought of this morning finally make sense to you now?  Perhaps you finally get that call back or response from someone you tried to contact this morning?


06/14/17 – 10:40 pm – Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a sextile to Uranus the Moon goes void-of-course for almost five hours.  With unpredictable Uranus involved, you may find yourself spending much of this time puzzling over something or perhaps you will have some “prophetic” or sudden insight tonight, record it.  This is a relatively short, less than five hours; void-of-course occurring during what might be considered “normal” sleeping hours for most.  If you are awake, be alert for anything unusual or unexpected and do your best to avoid starting anything new until after the Moon enters Pisces tomorrow morning.


06/15/17 – 3:17 am – Moon enters Pisces

The void-of-course is over but nothing just happens by itself.  There are always other things happening, some subtle and may perhaps go unnoticed while others may be in your face.


06/15/17 – 3:17 am – Sun opposite retrograde Saturn

This is most unusual, at the same time as the Moon changes signs there is an exact planetary aspect.  In this case, we have the Sun in mutable air Gemini opposing Saturn retrograde in mutable fire Sagittarius.  What is it this might represent?  Saturn loves structure and the Sun just likes to shine on things and show everyone how “bright” He is.  Have you been struggling with a puzzle or problem?  Perhaps with the light of the Sun shining on it, the solution will come to you.  Saturn is retrograde so you may want to step outside of the box to get a better look or at least different perspective of the situation.  Just because Saturn likes to keep things “in the box,” that doesn’t mean He won’t step outside of the box to get a better perspective.  Perhaps the Sun will shine His light on some “flaw” in your argument or structure.  Pay attention and keep an open mind.


06/16/17 – 4:10 am – Neptune stations retrograde

It’s the wee hours of Friday morning and Neptune, Lord of the seas, dreams and deities is changing direction and joining Saturn and Pluto in retrograde.  Be aware of your dreams.  Record all details no matter how trivial they may seem.  With Neptune, trivial can be everything and everything can be trivial.  Note any “a-ha” moments you have, any insights, visions or anything else out of the ordinary.  Perhaps it’s a personalized license plate or a word or number that repeats during the day.  There are no coincidences so record everything, including anything that seems like it may be a coincidence.


06/16/17 – 6:11 am – Moon occults retrograde Neptune

Just two hours after Neptune changes direction the Moon comes along and once again blocks him from our view, at least that is for those in Antarctica and western South America.  Is the Moon trying to block a message from Neptune or is She trying to block Neptune’s fog from obscuring something important from our vision?  If this aspect affects you, only you will know the answer.  Pay attention.  Take notes.  Record first, analyze later.


06/16/17 – 3:25 pm – Mercury goes Out-of-Bounds

Mercury joins Mars out-of-bounds; that means that both planets are ranging outside the limits that bind the Sun.  During this time, Mercury may feel as though some of the rules don’t apply at least some of the time.  In this sense, it can be somewhat like a Mercury retrograde.  At least this will only last for a couple of weeks.  Be careful of what you say, how you say it and who you say it to.  Re-read everything before sending or submitting it and double check the fine print on any contracts before signing.


06/17/17 – 4:33 am – Moon square Sun

This is the waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square.  Time to begin reviewing and reassessing things in preparation for the next new Moon which will be on Friday the 23rd.  What new projects or ideas might you want to start then?  What resources do you have or do you need?  Time to let go of things that aren’t supporting your current efforts and won’t be needed in the future.

Following this the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over six hours.  Start your morning by focusing on any on-going tasks or projects.  Set aside any new endeavors until after the Moon enters Aries if you can.


06/17/17 – 10:55 am – Moon enters Aries

The void-of-course is over and now in Aries, the Moon is ready to get down to business and “just do it.”  Just don’t ignore the warning signs around you.  With Mars out-of-bounds one may tend to be more accident prone so be particularly aware of “the other guy.”  With Mercury out-of-bounds communications may be misdirected or misunderstood.  Double check all messages and who you are sending them to.


06/18/17 – 3:03 am – Moon square Mars

Happy Father’s Day!  This is the third quarter waning crisis of consciousness square in their monthly cycle and the first of five exact aspects today, three by the Moon.  Third quarter squares are times for reassessing things; for determining what is working for you and what isn’t, what to keep and what to let go of.  Summer is almost here but it isn’t too late for some spring cleaning or a yard sale.

Following this the Moon will oppose Jupiter for the second exact aspect of the day.  Does the Moon have a message for Jupiter from Mars?  Mars wants action and Jupiter wants to expand things.  This may be just the energy you need to make something happen, to break something free that seemed to have been stuck.  Just be sure you are prepared for any possible blow-back or sudden movement.


06/18/17 – 11:46 am – Sun sextile Uranus

This is the third exact aspect of the day.  Expect the unexpected, particularly with anything you’ve planned.  Have at least one backup plan in place.  If you’re planning a party, picnic or bar-b-que, be sure you have everything on your list.  What is your contingency plan if the weather is bad?  Like the “boy scouts,” be prepared.


06/18/17 – 12:07 pm – Mercury opposite retrograde Saturn

This is the fourth exact aspect of the day.  Only the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will do now; in fact, it may come out whether you want it to or not.  If you have a point to make, be sure that you are clear, that you have your audience’s attention and that they understand you.


06/18/17 – 7:36 pm – Moon square retrograde Pluto

This is the fifth and final exact aspect of the day.  This is the first quarter waxing crisis of action square in their monthly cycle.  You and only you are responsible for your happiness and well-being.  If you are going to start a new or restart an exercise, health or self-improvement program, make a commitment to yourself and tell a friend or relative, someone that you can be accountable to.  Use positive statements such as “I will” or “I shall;” don’t say you’ll “try” as try has an implied allowance to fail, “I tried, but …”.


06/19/17 – 12:42 pm – Moon sextile Sun

Following this, both go void-of-course.  The Moon will only be void-of-course for a couple of hours; however, the Sun will be void-of-course for almost 33 hours.  If you can, it’s best to set aside any new projects or tasks that come your way until later this afternoon, after the Moon enters Taurus.  With the Sun also void-of-course; when it comes to yourself or things that may place you in the spotlight, it’s probably best if you focus on on-going projects and table any new ideas until after the Sun enters Cancer tomorrow night.


06/19/17 – 2:53 pm – Moon enters Taurus

The void-of-course is over.  While exercising some caution, you should be good to go on most new projects or tasks that come your way, keeping in mind that the Sun is still void-of-course.


06/20/17 – 1:26 am – Venus sextile retrograde Neptune

This is the first of six exact aspects, a sign change and a void-of-course today.  Be sure to record any dreams, who, where, when, what colors, sounds or words stand out; your first thoughts on waking.  If you are in a new relationship, don’t become obsessive about them or become a stalker.  Smothering a new person may be one of the surest ways to drive them away.


06/20/17 – 2:30 am – Mercury sextile Uranus

This is the second exact aspect of the day.  Following this Mercury goes void-of-course for just over 24 hours.  With Uranus now in the mix strange dreams or sudden insights are a distinct possibility.  Record everything you can recall when you wake, colors, words, sounds, images even song lyrics that you may not be able to get out of your head.  What are your senses telling you?

When Mercury goes void-of-course it can be a bit like when it’s retrograde.  Be careful what you say or write, who you say or write it to and how you say or write it.  Words have great power and unfortunately, some may twist them to use that power against you or others.  There is a potential “upside” to this as Mercury is also out-of-bounds and won’t necessarily “play by the rules.”  This could be a time for thinking outside the box, for receiving inspiration from an unexpected or surprising source.  Be prepared to note any sudden insights, a-ha moments or other inspirations.  There are no coincidences and no wasted “signs.”

Following this the Moon will sextile Mars, sextile retrograde Neptune and then conjunct Venus for the third, fourth and fifth exact aspects of the day.  This can be a rather emotional mix as Mars wants to act while Neptune likes to hide or confuse things, especially when it comes to what or who we desire or love and our relationships as Venus is also involved.


06/20/17 – 9:24 pm – Sun enters Cancer

It’s the Summer Solstice and the Sun void-of-course ends as it moves from mutable air Gemini to cardinal water Cancer.  Can you feel the shift?  Cancer energy is about protecting and nurturing those we care most for and those who can’t protect or care for themselves.  You may feel an urge to adopt a pet from a shelter or “step in” to help or protect someone in need.  While doing so is admirable, don’t take on something you aren’t willing to commit to or that you can’t follow through on.


06/20/17 – 9:25 pm – Moon trine retrograde Pluto

This is the sixth and final exact aspect of the day.  Following this the Moon goes void-of-course for over eighteen hours.  This is the waxing or opening trine which following the first quarter waxing crisis of action square provides an opportunity to assess any actions taken and to make necessary adjustment.

With the Moon void-of-course it is preferable to work on existing projects and tasks and wait to start any new ones until tomorrow afternoon, after the Moon has entered Gemini.


06/21/17 – 2:58 am – Mercury enters Cancer

The Mercury void-of-course is over.  With Mercury in protective nurturing Cancer, issues of safety, health and the future may take the front.  This is the prelude to the next event, the Mercury Sun conjunction.  Time to “get your ducks in a row” and be prepared to review them with a critical eye.  Harvest time is coming and you may need to choose which to harvest, which aren’t ready and still need work and which to discard.


06/21/17 – 7:14 am – Mercury conjunct Sun

This is the Superior Conjunction as Mercury passes on the far side of the Sun away from the Earth.  This is the Mercury equivalent of a “full Moon” or in this case, full Mercury.  This Mercury cycle began with the Mercury Sun inferior conjunction April 19, 2017 when retrograde Mercury passed exactly between the Earth and the Sun.  Did you start a new writing project around that time or perhaps a new project that involved writing or your mental agility?  Whatever you might have started around that time now is the time to reassess it.  Is it ready to be “harvested,” that is presented to the powers that be or “put to the test?”  Have you finished your part of the project?  Is it ready to be moved on to the next phase?  If not, do you feel stuck?  Do you need some inspiration?  Look outside your box; be open to new ideas and inspiration from unexpected sources, and not just the living.

Perhaps back in April you said something or someone close to you said something that caused a rift in your relationship.  Now is a good time to reflect on that and consider whether or not you want to repair it.  Is it time for you to apologize or to be the “adult” and extend the “olive branch” or peace?  Life is too short and anger and guilt are too heavy a burden to carry far.


06/21/17 – 3:44 pm – Moon enters Gemini

Finally, the Moon void-of-course is over.  It’s Wednesday “Hump Day” afternoon and time to get busy.  If you’ve set aside any new projects or tasks, review them now with particular attention to “Is there a deadline or due date?”  Now, get busy.


06/23/17 – 11:45 am – Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a sextile to Uranus the Moon goes void-of-course for just over three hours.  It’s Friday and this could be a good time to review your week’s accomplishments and buckle down and finish what you can for this week.  The sextile to Uranus may just give you that sudden insight or inspiration you need to finish that project or task.


06/23/17 – 3:07 pm – Moon enters Cancer

It’s Friday afternoon and the Moon is returning to Her home sign.  Questions or conversations about nurturing, protecting or “doing for others,” may come up now.  Be prepared to lend a hand but don’t over-extend yourself.


06/23/17 – 7:31 pm – New Moon conjunct Sun

It’s Friday evening as the Moon and Sun set together.  New Moon’s symbolize new beginnings, time to plant the seed that may grow into something worthwhile over the next two weeks leading up to the full Moon.  This new Moon is at 2 Cancer 47, the Sabian symbol for this degree is “An arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons.”  Whatever “seed” you decide to plant, proceed with caution as there may be unseen challenges or danger just ahead.


06/24/17 – 1:13 am – Moon conjunct Mercury

It’s Saturday and this is the first of eight exact aspects today, six by the Moon so best keep the tissue handy.  What might the Moon and Mercury have to talk about?  In the last few days we’ve had Mercury conjunct Sun (did Mercury pick up a message for someone?) then Moon conjunct Sun, perhaps  the Moon picked up a message left by Mercury or did the Moon pick up a message from the Sun for Mercury?  Note your thoughts, dreams, insights, a song that struck a chord or an a-ha moment.  Perhaps the light of day tomorrow will provide more clues to what it all means.


06/24/17 – 1:57 am – Venus trine retrograde Pluto

This is the second exact aspect of the day though it could still be considered “Saturday night.”  Have you been obsessing or over-thinking about someone or something?  Sleep on it.  Note any dreams, feelings, people, sounds or words that come to you during the night or on waking.  Nothing is too trivial.

Following this the Moon will conjunct Mars, square Jupiter, trine retrograde Neptune, oppose retrograde Pluto and then sextile Venus for the third through seventh exact aspects of the day.  Emotions, relationships and love may be emphasized today, especially during this time.  If you find yourself obsessing over someone maybe a walk or some other form of exercise will help to clear your mind.  There may be a fine line between caring about someone and obsessing over them.  No one wants a “stalker” around.  Be alert and record any daydreams, insights, a-ha moments or puzzles that might just “pop” into your head.  Perhaps you could think of today as being like your “vision quest” or “walk-about.”


06/24/17 – 11:07 pm – Mars square Jupiter

This is the eighth and final exact aspect of the day.  With Mars in cardinal water Cancer and Jupiter in cardinal air Libra, this is the third quarter waning crisis of consciousness square in the two year cycle for these two.  Within our solar system there is what is known as the asteroid belt.  It is a loose ring of millions of chunks of rock and debris that orbit between Mars and Jupiter.  One function of this pair seems to be to keep the asteroids in check.  Many of the larger asteroids were named after ancient Greek and Roman Goddesses.  Put this all together and one may find their thoughts focusing more on relationship issues; that is issues involving friends, family, co-workers or lovers.  Third quarter squares symbolize a time for reflection on what is working and what isn’t.  What still has value and what doesn’t?  Some people come into our lives for a moment, some forever and others for times in between.  This may be the time to let go of some and to reach out to others and either reconnect or reinforce an old or current relationship.  Who do you need or want to make amends with?


06/25/17 – 11:44 am – Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a first quarter waxing crisis of action square to Uranus, the Moon goes void-of-course for just over three hours.  This combination could symbolize impulsive actions.  Trust your instincts, your “gut brain” but don’t be “stupid,” you know like running with a pair of scissors or out into traffic.  Avoid starting something new and instead allow yourself to be open to whatever messages the Universe has for you.  Record them as your day progresses; you can “analyze” them later.


06/25/17 – 3:06 pm – Moon enters Leo

The void-of-course is over and now it may seem as if everyone wants your attention, some of your time.  Be polite and attentive but don’t make promises or commitments that you can’t or won’t be able to keep.  Check your calendar before agreeing to future “dates.”


06/25/17 – 11:19 pm – Mars trine retrograde Neptune

This is the waxing or opening trine in the Mars Neptune cycle.  When reflecting on past actions or events, remember you can’t change them, you can learn from them and in retrospect you may realize what you should or could have done differently.  It is better to apologize and move on then to continue to regret things not done or left undone.


06/27/17 – 3:29 am – Moon square Venus

This is the first of five exact aspects today, three by the Moon and two by Mercury.  What do you want to talk about?  There are two things required for a good conversation, clear speech and attentive listening.  Don’t expect others to listen to what you have to say if you won’t return the courtesy.

Following this the Moon trines retrograde Saturn for the second exact aspect of the day.  Can you handle the truth, especially if it isn’t “your truth?”  Listen and consider the other person’s point of view.  Maybe you both are just describing two different sides of the same object.


06/27/17 – 11:21 am – Mercury square Jupiter

This is the third exact aspect of the day.  It is the third quarter waning crisis of consciousness square.  Time to make amends, to clarify what it was you really meant, maybe even apologize for misunderstanding what someone else said.  This is not the time to talk just because you like the sound of your own voice; have something to say be it meaningful, witty or inquisitive.


06/27/17 – 2:12 pm – Moon trine Uranus

This is the fourth exact aspect of the day and following this, the Moon goes void-of-course for over three hours.  It’s Tuesday afternoon; what sudden insight, idea or inspiration did you just have?  Are you sure you want to share it?  If so, it may be best to not share it with just anyone but rather with someone you know who will understand and appreciate it.  If you can, avoid starting anything new while the Moon is void-of-course.


06/27/17 – 5:23 pm – Mercury trine retrograde Neptune

This is the fifth and final exact aspect for today.  Have you been daydreaming?  If so, note them and as much detail as you can recall.

Be sure of your facts and yourself before speaking for Neptune’s fog may be hiding something important from you or it may be preventing others from “getting” your message.  Get a good night’s sleep as tomorrow has five more exact aspects in store.


06/27/17 – 5:41 pm – Moon enters Virgo

The void-of-course is over.  If you have something new to do, be sure you have all the facts and whatever else you may need, then get started.


06/28/17 – 6:03 am – Moon sextile Sun

This is the first of five exact aspects today, four by the Moon so it could get a bit emotional.  This is the waxing or opening sextile in the monthly Moon Sun cycle.  The “seed” planted at the new Moon is beginning to take shape as it becomes more apparent that some action will be needed.  Consider what action(s) you want or should take carefully as the first quarter crisis of action square is only a couple of days away.


06/28/17 – 12:51 pm – Mercury conjunct Mars

This is the second exact aspect of the day.  Words spoken in haste or anger can create long-lasting wounds that may fester and drive friends or family apart for months or even years.  Think, engage your heart and your brain before speaking and choose your words carefully lest you drive a wedge between yourself and someone dear to you that you may not be able to remove.

Following this the Moon will oppose retrograde Neptune and then sextile Mars for the third and fourth exact aspects of the day.  The fog that obscured things may start to lift now allowing you to see the “truth” of a situation.  If you held your tongue earlier, you should have a clearer mind as to what, if anything, you should say now.  If not, it’s never too soon or too late to apologize and begin making amends.


06/28/17 – 11:44 pm – Moon sextile Mercury

This is the fifth and final exact aspect of the day.  What life lesson have you learned today?  Reflect on your day, what you might have done differently or was it something you should have done or said but didn’t?  It’s OK to reflect on it, but don’t beat yourself up and lose sleep over it.  You can begin to make amends tomorrow.


06/29/17 – 5:06 am – Mars returns In-Bounds

Now He has to play by the rules, such as they are for Mars.  Just because Mars is back in-bounds doesn’t mean you will be free of accidents, remember the other guy, the one who causes accidents, they are still out there.  Mercury is still out-of-bounds so watch your tongue and avoid arguments.


06/29/17 – 1:34 pm – Moon trine Venus

Following this both go void-of-course; the Moon for over ten hours and Venus for over five days, 123 hours 38 minutes to be more precise or July 4th if you prefer.  It’s Thursday afternoon and best that you set aside any new tasks or projects; especially if they involve working with others until tomorrow after the Moon enters Libra, the sign of the other.

What do the two grand ladies of the zodiac have to say to each other?  What is it you desire most in life?  Is there something or someone that you find yourself overly emotionally attached too?  Now is a good time for reflection on these and other issues of what and who you want in your life or for that matter, out of your life.  With Venus void-of-course avoid starting a new relationship.  Spend the next few days hanging with friends and family or allow yourself periods of solitude for reflection.


06/30/17 – 12:02 am – Moon enters Libra

The void-of-course is over.  You should be good to go on any new tasks or projects that you may have set aside earlier.  Since it is Friday and the last day of the month, you may want to focus on finishing things you’ve been working on, especially any end of month reports or jobs.


06/30/17 – 5:51 pm – Moon square Sun

This is the first quarter waxing crisis of action square.  It’s Friday, choose your actions carefully.  Consider the old carpenter’s adage, “Measure twice and cut once.”  It is better to take the time and do it right the first time than to have to do it over.

June ends with Mercury out-of-bounds, Venus void-of-course, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto appearing to move backwards and the Sun and Moon both moving slower than usual.  While it is summer in the northern hemisphere, the hottest time of the year, the Earth will reach its greatest distance from the Sun this month, contemplate that and how it may be applied to your life.  There is one more new Moon before the August total Eclipse.  What seeds do you want to plant this month?


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Jim Schultz

Jim has been a professional astrologer and Oraclist for over 15 years. As a child his favorite books were the encyclopedia and the Almanac. He continues to be intrigued by the Universe around us; always searching for answers and new questions. Should you ask, he will tell you there is no such thing as "TMI."

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7 responses to “AstroWatch”

  1.' Donna says:

    Oh boy! I am not an astrology student, however, I do enjoy reading your article every week. I have picked up the tiniest sliver of what is being discussed and from what I am able to glean, July sounds like it has the potential to be rather challenging. As a Taurus, I was happy to have read about the Mercury retrograde before it happens! I will be carefully watching my “p’s & q’s ” throughout the month and refer back to the entirety of the article – changes are a-comin’ for sure.
    Thanks for your work!

  2.' andy says:

    “01/18/13 – 12:56 am – Mercury conjunct Sun 28 Aquarius 26”
    Sun still in Capricorn

  3.' Dane Sullivan says:

    Probably just an editorial slip, but believe the May 9 eclipse doesn’t happen until 5:55 at 19 Taurus 33. Enjoy your observations!

  4. Jim Schultz says:

    Hi Dane, thank you for your comment. Not sure what your source for the eclipse time is. I use Solar Fire 8 for the dates and times I post. The time is based on the exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon which is 5:28 pm PDT. The NASA eclipse site shows a time of 5:26 pm PDT.

  5.' Dane Sullivan says:

    Hey Jim,
    Source: Astronomical Phenomena For the Year 2013, prepared by US Naval Observatory and Her Majesty’s Nautical Almanac which defines lunar eclipse time as Moon reaching centermost point of its journey thorough the shadow cast by the earth, and solar eclipses timed for maximum obscuration — typically different from time of simple conjunction. However, I note the Rosicrucian Ephemeris, citing JPL and the US Naval Observatory call it at 5:21. I’m betting there’s yet another computation out there.

  6.' Iolé says:

    What a time to be born for the new prince-princess in England!
    Leo sun, Cancer planets: care for the family = the Kingdom, Aquarius Moon- we need open minds in the future!

  7. James Schultz says:

    Here are the basic astrological details of His Royal Highness, Prince of Cambridge. Weight 8 lbs. 6 oz., according to news reports, the heaviest future King by birth weight in 100 years of more. Correct birth time is July 22, 2013, 4:24 pm, London, England.

    A true “cusper” with Sun 29 Cancer 58. Moon 28 Capricorn 17, which means that HRH was born less than 3 hours before the full Moon at 0 Aquarius. Birth ascendant is 27 Scorpio 10 and his birth M/C is 20 Virgo 36. He was born with 7 of the 10 primary points in Cardinal signs and 6 of them in water signs. He has a Grand Water Trine of Mars 6 Cancer and Jupiter 5 Cancer trining Saturn 5 Scorpio and trining Neptune 5 Pisces. He also has a Cardinal T-square with Mercury 13 Cancer opposing Pluto 9 Capricorn and both squaring Uranus 12 Aries. He has none of the 10 primary points in an Air sign and 3 of them are retrograde. 3 retrogrades is the second most common number, 2 being the most common. Born with Mars out-of-bounds north might he be a rather precocious child, to say the least.

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