Posted on April 19, 2012
Posted by Jim Schultz

Jim Schultz

Jim Schultz

*Any times indicated refer to Pacific Time Zone.

*Refer to “AstroCast” by Kimberly Maxwell for more detailed information as these events unfold.

*Remember, these are just transits and they too, like a kidney stone, shall pass.

09/01/14 – 8:40 am – Moon and Mercury go Void-of-Course

Following a friendly sextile both the Moon 29 Scorpio 06 and Mercury 29 Virgo 06, go void-of-course.  While the Moon will only be void-of-course for an hour and a half, Mercury will be void-of-course for almost 14 hours before moving into Libra.  29 degrees of any sign, which is the last degree, is often referred to as the “anaretic” degree.  Because it is the last degree of the sign, it is sometimes considered to be the weakest degree as planets or other points here are considered to have completed the process of that sign and are now impatient to enter the next sign.  Think of it as being a time of impatience.  As such, one should exercise some caution so as not to jump to any conclusions or over-look the obvious.  Avoid rash decisions, particularly when communicating with others.  Pretend Mercury is retrograde and you may not be far off.


09/01/14 – 10:17 am – Moon enters Sagittarius

This ends the Moon’s void-of-course.  It’s Labor Day so if you are one of those working, may you be well rewarded and thank you for your efforts.  If you aren’t working today, try to relax and enjoy it as it’s still over 12 hours before Mercury enters Libra.


09/01/14 – 10:38 pm – Mercury enters Libra

This ends Mercury’s void-of-course and transit of 29 Virgo.


09/02/14 – 4:11 am – Moon square Sun

This is the first quarter waxing crisis of action square, Moon 9 Sagittarius 55 and Sun 9 Virgo 55.  These are mutable signs so while you may feel the need to act, you may be less certain of what to do.  Sometimes not doing anything is the best action to take.


09/03/14 – 11:06 am – Moon and Venus go Void-of-Course

Following a friendly fire trine, the Moon 27 Sagittarius 34 and Venus 27 Leo 34, both go void-of-course.  At just over four hours, it is another relatively short one for the Moon, but it does fall during a normal work-day.  Meanwhile, Venus will be void-of-course for over 47 hours, that is almost two whole days.  Best not to start any new romances during this time.  It may be OK to get together but wait until Venus enters Virgo for the “first date.”


09/03/14 – 3:15 pm – Moon enters Capricorn

The Moon’s void-of-course is over.  It’s Wednesday, “Hump Day” so go ahead and hit that new project or get that idea out there.


09/04/14 – 1:29 am – Moon sextile Neptune

This is the first of five exact aspects by the Moon today.  Next up the Moon will conjunct Pluto, then trine the Sun, square Uranus and sextile Saturn at 9:57 pm for the grand finale.  Sextiles and trines allow things to flow freely while conjunctions and squares can bring on some anxiety or stress.  Looks like another potentially emotional roller-coaster kind of day.  Be prepared; expect the unexpected and try to ride those “waves” of emotions.


09/05/14 – 8:08 am – Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following an easy flowing sextile to Mars, the Moon 24 Capricorn 33 goes void-of-course for almost 9 hours or most of the regular work day.  It is Friday so perhaps it is best to focus on completing existing projects or at least moving them on to the next step rather than trying to start something new.


09/05/14 – 10:07 am – Venus enters Virgo

This ends Venus’ void-of-course.  It’s Friday.  Make the call.  Set up a lunch date or perhaps dinner tonight …?


09/05/14 – 4:59 pm – Moon enters Aquarius

This ends the Moon’s void-of-course.  It you are still at work, you may find things better suited now for beginning that new project.


09/07/14 – 10:19 am – Happy Grandparents Day!

Following a potentially stressful square to Mars 25 Scorpio 55, the Moon 25 Aquarius 55 goes Void-of-Course.  Squares can produce stress and both Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed signs, capable of holding onto things, especially perceived hurts and for long periods of time.  It is Grandparents Day and you may be attending a family celebration so exercise caution, watch your words and actions and try to avoid making others angry as someone could get hurt by the ensuing implosion.


09/07/14 – 4:47 pm – Moon enters Pisces

This ends the Moon’s void-of-course.  Try to take advantage of this time as it can be a good time to relax and recharge your spiritual batteries.


09/08/14 – 6:38 pm – Super Full Moon opposes Sun

This is the third and final consecutive full Moon that is also a Super Moon, that is it occurs when the Moon is closest to the Earth for the month.  The full Moon is usually positive as it is associated with the time of fruition, of harvesting what has been grown since the seed planting at the new Moon.  But the Sabian symbols may be trying to tell us a different story.  For the Moon 16 Pisces 19, the symbol is an “Easter Promenade.”  Seems rather pleasant doesn’t it.  However, the Sabian symbol for the Sun 16 Virgo 19 is “A volcanic eruption bringing dust clouds, flowing lava, and Earth rumblings.”  These contradictory energies may indicate that things are not as serene as they seem.  Caution is advised as there may be feelings or other matters rising to the surface at this time.  Try not to let your emotional volcano erupt or you may get burned by the lava flow.


09/09/14 – 9:09 am – Moon and Mars go Void-of-Course

This is the third time this month that the Moon and one of the personal planets have gone void-of-course at the same time.  Following a friendly water trine, the Moon 27 Pisces 16 goes void-of-course for less than 4 ½ hours; however, for Mars 27 Scorpio 16, His void-of-course will last over four days.  In may be best to restrict your actions to ongoing projects or issues and save the rage for new things until Mars enters Sagittarius on September 13.  Who knows, by then you just might be over it.


09/09/14 – 3:38 pm – Mercury square Pluto

This is the third quarter, waxing crisis of consciousness square for this pair.  This dance began with their conjunction New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2013 at 11 Capricorn 14.  It is interesting to note that this square finds Mercury at 11 Libra 02 and retrograde Pluto back to 11 Capricorn 02.  Is there some unfinished business between these two that needs to be dealt with?  What was happening in your world at the time of the conjunction?  There may have been some related action required around the time of the first quarter square April 14, 2014 and then with some sense of fruition or harvest around the time of the opposition July 21, 2014.  Can you identify the common theme or chain of events that fits that time frame?  If you can then you may have a better idea of what their coming conjunction December 24, 2014 might have in store for you.


09/09/14 – 4:33 pm – Moon enters Aries

The Moon’s void-of-course may be over but Mars still has over three days to go so try to be patient and not lose your temper.


09/10/14 – 3:51 am – Venus opposes retrograde Neptune

This is the first of six exact aspects today, including four by the Moon.  Better fasten your seatbelt and get out the Kleenex as this could be a bumpy ride.  When Venus, 5 Virgo 51, Goddess of love, beauty and our desires opposes Neptune 5 Pisces 51, God of the sea and ruler of dreams, insights, illusions and delusions; things may not always be as they seem.  This may be the time to proceed with caution, particularly in areas of love and desire.  It may be best to avoid impulse buying of any expensive pretty things as they may quickly lose their luster.  Confused about love?  The fog may go either way.  It may dissipate so you can see more clearly and know the truth of it or it may thicken and hide important elements from you.  This may also be a time when you feel the realization of unrequited love, of love that is not returned.

Following this, the second aspect of the day is Moon square retrograde Pluto.  Pluto can be brutally honest and will accept the truth and nothing but the truth.  Clearer heads may prevail at this time.  This may also help to clear away some of Neptune’s fog.


09/10/14 – 11:37 am – Mercury sextile Jupiter

This is an easy flowing aspect and you may find words flowing freely and with great embellishment.  Try to keep the Venus Neptune aspect in mind as sometimes, when something seems too good to be true, it’s because it is.  Beware the silver tongued devil trying to ply you with platitudes as they probably won’t deliver.


09/10/14 – 12:22 pm – Moon trine Jupiter oppose Mercury 12:25

Here we have an easy flowing fire trine that may seem to be calling you to action.  Don’t forget the two earlier aspects today as three minutes after this trine, the Moon will oppose Mercury.  Again, things may not always be as they seem.  Listen carefully to what is said and choose your words carefully.


09/10/14 – 5:58 pm – Moon occults retrograde Uranus

This is the sixth and final exact aspect of the day.  Following this the Moon goes void-of-course for over 24 hours, which basically means your Thursday workday.  Got something new and important to start?  Try to put it off until Friday if you can.  This occultation, when Uranus disappears behind the Moon, occurs at 15 Aries 32 and will only be visible from eastern Canada, Greenland, Iceland and northern Siberia and then only with the right equipment such as a telescope.  While you may not be able to see it, the energy will still be there.  While those with planets or other sensitive points at 14-17 degrees of any of the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, may feel this the strongest, it can affect anyone with planets or points at these degrees of any sign.  Will the Moon block Uranus’ inspiration or will She magnify it for us?  Be present and in awareness for only time will tell and it often speaks in whispers so listen carefully.


09/11/14 – 6:17 pm – Moon enters Taurus

It’s Thursday and hopefully you didn’t try to start anything new or important today.  If you can’t wait any longer, once the Moon enters the sign of Her exaltation, Taurus, go for it.  It will be OK to burn some midnight oil, just be sure to read ahead.


09/13/14 – 1:16 am – Mercury opposes retrograde Uranus

Another busy day as this is the first of five exact aspects.  Here we have the “clash” of the rulers of communication, electronics and the internet.  Fleet footed Mercury 15 Libra 27 is slowing down in preparation for its next retrograde so this aspect may seem to drag on a bit longer than usual.  Watch not only what you say and how you say it but also what others say and how they say it.  Inspirations may come from the most unlikely of places so be prepared.


09/13/14 – 6:31 am – Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a friendly waning trine to the Sun, the Moon20 Taurus 41 goes void-of-course for almost 17 hours which is pretty much the rest of the day.  Try to keep it light and deal with ongoing matters.


09/13/14 – 2:57 pm – Mars enters Sagittarius

After more than four days void-of-course, Mars finally leaves His second home of Scorpio and enters mutable fire Sagittarius.  Can you feel the energy shift?  If you have been feeling anxious or out of sorts lately, this may ease now.  You may find yourself feeling as if you do have some control over your life.


09/13/14 – 11:26 pm – Moon enters Gemini

This ends the Moon’s void-of-course.  In 26 minutes the Moon will oppose Mars for the fifth and final exact aspect of the day.  Sweet dreams tonight.


09/14/14 – 2:15 am – Mercury enters Its Shadow

Mercury 16 Libra 46 has crossed into that space of Libra that it will transit three times because of its coming retrograde.  This is the first pass, the time when the “seed” may be planted, the word misspoken or the e-mail or text sent in haste or to the wrong recipient.  Whatever may go wrong during the coming Mercury retrograde will come into play, but not necessarily our consciousness, over the next 20 days.  The second pass begins October 4 when Mercury stations retrograde and the third pass will begin October 25 when Mercury stations direct at this very same degree.  Choose your words carefully.  Listen attentively.  Make sure you understand and are understood.  Back up your hard drive, check your batteries and do all the routine things you should have been doing all along.


09/15/14 – 7:05 pm – Moon square Sun

This is the third quarter waning crisis of consciousness square.  Moon 23 Gemini 09 and Sun 23 Virgo 09.  Time to let go of things which no longer serve you and to put what you may have “harvested” at the full Moon September 8 to full use.  The new Moon is coming and you should start preparing for it now.


09/15/14 – 7:05 pm – Moon goes Void-of-Course

It’s Monday evening, following the third quarter square to the Sun the Moon goes void-of-course for just over 13 hours.  Take the evening off if you can and relax.


09/16/14 – 8:24 am – Moon enters Cancer

If your day starts before this time, it may be best to review your work from yesterday.  Maybe return phone calls or e-mails or do some research on existing projects.  Remember though, Mercury is in its shadow so be careful what you say or write.  Not sure of what someone said or meant; this is a good time to get clarification before responding.  Once the Moon has returned to Her home sign of Cancer, say after 8:30 am, you can begin to tackle those new items.  You may find yourself feeling more nurturing or protective which certainly isn’t a bad thing.




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Jim Schultz

Jim has been a professional astrologer and Oraclist for over 15 years. As a child his favorite books were the encyclopedia and the Almanac. He continues to be intrigued by the Universe around us; always searching for answers and new questions. Should you ask, he will tell you there is no such thing as "TMI."

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7 Responses to “AstroWatch”

  1.' Donna says:

    Oh boy! I am not an astrology student, however, I do enjoy reading your article every week. I have picked up the tiniest sliver of what is being discussed and from what I am able to glean, July sounds like it has the potential to be rather challenging. As a Taurus, I was happy to have read about the Mercury retrograde before it happens! I will be carefully watching my “p’s & q’s ” throughout the month and refer back to the entirety of the article – changes are a-comin’ for sure.
    Thanks for your work!

  2.' andy says:

    “01/18/13 – 12:56 am – Mercury conjunct Sun 28 Aquarius 26″
    Sun still in Capricorn

  3.' Dane Sullivan says:

    Probably just an editorial slip, but believe the May 9 eclipse doesn’t happen until 5:55 at 19 Taurus 33. Enjoy your observations!

  4. Jim Schultz says:

    Hi Dane, thank you for your comment. Not sure what your source for the eclipse time is. I use Solar Fire 8 for the dates and times I post. The time is based on the exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon which is 5:28 pm PDT. The NASA eclipse site shows a time of 5:26 pm PDT.

  5.' Dane Sullivan says:

    Hey Jim,
    Source: Astronomical Phenomena For the Year 2013, prepared by US Naval Observatory and Her Majesty’s Nautical Almanac which defines lunar eclipse time as Moon reaching centermost point of its journey thorough the shadow cast by the earth, and solar eclipses timed for maximum obscuration — typically different from time of simple conjunction. However, I note the Rosicrucian Ephemeris, citing JPL and the US Naval Observatory call it at 5:21. I’m betting there’s yet another computation out there.

  6.' Iolé says:

    What a time to be born for the new prince-princess in England!
    Leo sun, Cancer planets: care for the family = the Kingdom, Aquarius Moon- we need open minds in the future!

  7. James Schultz says:

    Here are the basic astrological details of His Royal Highness, Prince of Cambridge. Weight 8 lbs. 6 oz., according to news reports, the heaviest future King by birth weight in 100 years of more. Correct birth time is July 22, 2013, 4:24 pm, London, England.

    A true “cusper” with Sun 29 Cancer 58. Moon 28 Capricorn 17, which means that HRH was born less than 3 hours before the full Moon at 0 Aquarius. Birth ascendant is 27 Scorpio 10 and his birth M/C is 20 Virgo 36. He was born with 7 of the 10 primary points in Cardinal signs and 6 of them in water signs. He has a Grand Water Trine of Mars 6 Cancer and Jupiter 5 Cancer trining Saturn 5 Scorpio and trining Neptune 5 Pisces. He also has a Cardinal T-square with Mercury 13 Cancer opposing Pluto 9 Capricorn and both squaring Uranus 12 Aries. He has none of the 10 primary points in an Air sign and 3 of them are retrograde. 3 retrogrades is the second most common number, 2 being the most common. Born with Mars out-of-bounds north might he be a rather precocious child, to say the least.

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