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Jim Schultz

Jim Schultz

*Any times indicated refer to Pacific Time Zone.

*Refer to “AstroCast” by Kimberly Maxwell for more detailed information as these events unfold.

*Remember, these are just transits and they too, like a kidney stone, shall pass.

November starts with five exact aspects on the 1st.  Daylight Savings Time ends on the 2nd so be prepared to set your clocks back one hour.  Election day on the 4th finds three aspects by the Moon including another occultation of Uranus so don’t be surprised if there are some unexpected winners and losers today.  Mercury will be back on track and into new territory.  We will have a Mercury Sun superior conjunction and another new Moon at 0 degrees.

11/01/14 – 12:00 am – All Saints Day

The Moon went void-of-course last night at 11:33 pm for just over 10 hours.  The veil between worlds is now at its thinnest so try to be open to any messages from ancestors or other departed’s.

Fortunately it is Saturday and any new projects can be put-off until the Moon enters Pisces at 9:33 am.  While the Moon is still void-of-course we have the first of five (second of six EDT) exact aspects today as Mercury sextiles Jupiter 5:44 am.  This could signal the possibility of significant messages from other realms so try to be open and aware.  After the Moon enters Pisces we have Venus sextile Pluto 4:07 pm; Mars sextile Neptune 4:44 pm; Moon conjunct Neptune 5:46 pm and last Moon sextile Mars 5:49 pm.  With Moon Mars and Neptune making the last three aspects you might want to make sure you have your dream journal and fresh pen handy.

11/02/14 – 2:00 am – Daylight Savings Time Ends

Set your clocks back one hour (unless they do it automatically).  We get a “do-over” of the time from 1 am to 2 am so be prepared and try not to do anything you wouldn’t want to do-again.  There are only three easy aspects by the Moon today so enjoy your day.

11/03/14 – 1:05 am – Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a watery trine to Saturn, the Moon 24 Pisces 09 goes void-of-course for about nine hours.  While not a long one it does extend into Monday morning work hours so it may be best to start your work day by focusing on things left over from last week.  You should be ready to tackle any new issues after morning break or lunch when the Moon is in Pisces.

11/03/14 – 10:53 am – Moon enters Pisces

This void-of-curse is over but plan ahead as there is another on Wednesday and again on Friday that may affect your work day.

11/04/14 – 9:29 am – Moon conjunct (occults) retrograde Uranus

It is midterm election day so try to make time to vote as that may be the most effective way of expressing your opinions.  This conjunction at 13 Aries 29 is the second of three exact aspects by the Moon which represents the people.  Uranus represents the unexpected so will the Moon block the radical revolutionary symbolism of Uranus or will She serve as a lens and magnify them?  The first aspect of the day is Moon square Pluto.  Will the people (Moon) be demanding transformation and change (Pluto) in our elected officials?  The day ends after the polls have closed with Moon trine Jupiter.  This could indicate a larger voter turn-out then expected but will it mean bigger changes then expected or support for the “status-quo?”

11/05/14 – 5:25 am – Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following an opposition to Mercury 25 Aries/Libra 13, both the Moon and Mercury go void-of-course; the Moon for just over eight hours to start your work day and Mercury for over three days.  Keep in mind that Mercury hasn’t returned to the point at which it stationed retrograde yet so the Mercury retrograde is still in effect as we work to resolve any lingering issues.

11/05/14 – 1:33 pm – Moon enters Taurus

This ends the Moon’s void-of-course.  You have until Friday morning to tackle any new projects or issues before the next void-of-course.

The Full Moon is tomorrow so you may want to do your full Moon ritual tonight to take advantage of the energy going into the time of maximum fullness.

11/06/14 – 2:23 pm – Full Moon opposes Sun

This Full Moon 14 Taurus 26 opposing Sun 14 Scorpio 26 is most likely to affect anyone with planets or significant points in the middle degrees, 13-16, of the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.  The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Moon, 14 Taurus, shows a person with a silk hat muffled against the cold as they brave a storm.

11/07/14 – 8:17 am – Moon goes void-of-course

Following an opposition to Saturn, the Moon 24 Taurus 39 goes void-of-course for the next 9 1/2 hours.  Here we go again, Monday, Wednesday and now Friday we have void-of-course Moon during most of the normal work day.  Here’s a tip; if there is something that you don’t want to do or that you don’t want anything to come of it, try starting it during a Moon void-of-course and see what happens.

11/07/14 – 5:45 pm – Moon enters Gemini

This void-of-course is now over.  Next one is Sunday.

11/08/14 – 3:09 pm – Mercury enters Scorpio

This ends Mercury’s void-of-course as it returns to Scorpio.  Can you feel a shift as the messenger of the Gods and Goddesses moves from cardinal air, let’s talk relationships Libra to fixed water how intense can you get Scorpio.  Hang in there as Mercury will leave the shadow ending this retrograde cycle and enter new territory on Monday.

11/09/14 – 8:22 am – Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a waning sextile to Jupiter in Leo, the Moon 21 Gemini 17 goes void-of-course for just over 16 hours; that is the rest of Sunday so plan your day accordingly.

11/09/14 – 12:41 pm – Venus square Jupiter

Venus 21 Scorpio 18 makes a first quarter waxing crisis of action square to Jupiter in Leo.  Both are fixed signs so it may be difficult to actually take some action.

11/10/14 – 12:38 am – Moon enters Cancer

It’s the wee hours of Monday and the void-of-course is over.  Could be a good day to tackle some new projects, issues or problems at work or even at home as the Moon is in Her home sign of Cancer.

11/10/14 – 3:03 pm – Mars conjunct Pluto

This conjunction at 11 Capricorn 35 marks the end of the last Mars Pluto cycle which began November 27, 2012 at 8 Capricorn 09.  What has this cycle been about?  What began for you late 2012 early 2013?  The first quarter crisis of action square was March 26, 2013 and the opposition, fruition (full Moon) was July 27, 2013.  The third quarter crisis of consciousness square occurred three times during the Mars retrograde in Libra.  The Sabian symbol for 11 Capricorn is “A student of nature lecturing revealing little-known aspects of life.”  Does this symbolize something that you have been working on and have now completed?  Or might this symbolize the beginning of a new project, task or issue?  With any conjunction think balsamic Moon phase as the faster planet moves into the conjunction.  Is there anything left that needs to be released or cleared out to make way for something new?  As the faster planet makes the conjunction with the slower planet and then moves on it is time for the planting of seeds for the new two year cycle.

11/11/14 – Veteran’s Day

On this special day we honor all those who have served in the military and sacrificed that we all might enjoy the freedoms that we and too few others have.  The dominant planetary patterns are the separating Mars Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and four planets in Scorpio, Mercury and a stellium of Sun, Venus and Saturn offering the potential to go to emotional places that we are not comfortable in.

11/12/14 – 1:16 am – Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a waning watery trine to Saturn, the Moon 25 Cancer 12 goes void-of-course for the next 9 1/2 hours.  It’s Wednesday morning and probably a good idea to focus on projects in progress and save the new stuff for after the Moon goes into Leo.

11/12/14 – 10-:44 am – Moon enters Leo

This void-of-course is over.  Got some new ideas to help put you in the spotlight?  Now may be the opportune time to put them into action.

11/12/14 – 5:02 pm – Venus conjunct Saturn

Like all conjunctions, this represents the “new Moon” end of the balsamic, letting go phase and the beginning of the “seed planting” phase.  The Venus Saturn cycle that is ending began about 14 months ago, September 18, 2013 at 8 Scorpio 45.  The opposition “full Moon” fruition phase came June 12, 2014 at 17 Taurus/Scorpio 44.  This conjunction is at 25 Scorpio 17.  The Sabian symbol for this degree is “Native Americans making camp in new territory.”  If you find yourself in new or unfamiliar territory, you may want to take time to acclimate yourself and get your bearings before making plans or taking action.

11/12/14 – 5:29 pm – Mars square Uranus

This is the third quarter crisis of consciousness square in the current cycle of these two planets.  This cycle began with their conjunction March 22, 2013 at 8 Aries 8 and culminated with three exact oppositions between December 25, 2013 (how was your Christmas last year?) and June 25, 2014, which included the Mars retrograde in Libra.  Now is the time to take stock of what this cycle had to offer.  Let go of that which doesn’t work or no longer serves you and begin to prepare for the next cycle which will begin with their conjunction March 11, 2015 at 15 Aries 00 and will include the last of the seven exact Uranus Pluto first quarter squares.

11/13/14 – 7:05 pm – Sun square Jupiter

Sun 21 Scorpio 39 makes a first quarter waxing crisis of action square to Jupiter 21 Leo 39.  What might happen when the two largest bodies in our solar system square off?  With them in fixed signs we may find ourselves standing our ground and not wanting to change course or give up on a lost cause.  Choose your actions wisely.  Don’t expend unnecessary energy digging your heels in just because.  This cycle began with their conjunction (new Moon phase) July 24, 2014 at 1 Leo 52.  The Sabian symbol for this degree is “an epidemic of mumps” representing a situation that needs to be handled carefully.  How might that fit into what was going on in your life around that time?  You may find it more challenging to take action at this time, even when you are sure it is the correct thing to do.  This is a good time to read ahead now.

11/14/14 – 7:15 am – Moon square Sun

With Moon at 22 Leo 09 (conjunct Jupiter) and Sun at 22 Scorpio 09, we now have a third quarter waning crisis of consciousness square in the Sun Moon cycle.  Following this closely on the Sun Jupiter first quarter square, perhaps yesterday’s square was too help us get ready to let go of something that is no longer serving us as that is what this square is about.  Here’s a thought; make time for fall cleaning and to get ready for the holidays.

11/14/14 – 6:53 pm – Venus goes Void-of-Course

Following a waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square by the Moon 27 Leo 54, Venus 27 Scorpio 54 goes void-of-course for the next 52 hours.  When a planet is void-of-course there may be a feeling of disconnect from those planetary energies.  As the planet leaves one sign behind and prepares to move into the next, the letting go as in this case of the fixed water energies of Scorpio may leave one feeling less emotional or less connected with loved ones.  When Venus’ move into mutable Sagittarius on Sunday, an understanding of what transpired may find its way into our awareness.  Tonight may be a good day to do something special for yourself.  Whatever that may be; it is all right to include loved ones and just might bring you closer to each other.

11/15/14 – 11:06 pm – Neptune Stations Direct

Like Pluto, Neptune moves very slowly and while He stationed retrograde June 9, 2014 at 7 Pisces 35, He has only gone back to 4 Pisces 47, less than three degrees in over five months.  Retrograde cycles are those in which we may find certain themes repeating themselves or we may find delays in certain activities or projects.  Neptune is ruler of the oceans and dreams while Pisces is about connecting with and understanding our concept of the divine.  The months ahead may offer us a time when we can find greater clarity in these areas, at least for ourselves.

11/16/14 – 11:04 am – Venus enters Sagittarius

Can you feel a shift as the Goddess of Love and Beauty moves from fixed watery and deep Scorpio into the mutable fiery philosophical understanding of light-hearted Sagittarius?  No, don’t worry, it’s all right.  Give Venus a few days in Sagittarius and we all might start to get a better sense of what great love is all about.

11/17/14 – 3:11 am – Moon goes Void-of-Course

Here we go again; starting another Monday (Moon day) off with Moon 25 Virgo 49, going void-of-course for just over eight hours.  While you may still be sleeping, the Moon will still be void-of-course when most people start their normal workday so plan your morning accordingly.  Check you inbox.  Review items in progress or just completed before submitting them.  This is a short one, so try not to fret.  However, we do have another all workday void-of-course coming on Wednesday so best to plan ahead.

11/17/14 – 11:30 am – Moon enters Libra

This void-of-course is over giving you the “green light” for new projects for this afternoon and tomorrow.

11/18/14 – 12:50 am – Sun goes Void-of-Course

While most were sleeping, the Sun met up with Saturn at 25 Scorpio 55 and then went void-of-course for the next four days.  The Sabian symbol for this degree is “Native Americans making camp in new territory” perhaps alerting us that something not only new but important is coming our way.  Saturn’s rewards come with effort so be prepared to “put up or shut up.”  This is the time to walk our talk as once again we have the energy shifting from fixed watery deep Scorpio to the mutable fiery I need to understand of Sagittarius.

11/19/14 – 6:25 am – Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a friendly sextile to Jupiter, Moon 22 Libra 02 goes void-of-course for just over 15 hours.  This hump-day will probably be a day best spent reviewing, re-reading, re-considering, re-re-ing things rather than trying to start something new.  Got some great new ideas?  Write them down and set them aside until tomorrow; they may not seem so great in the light of a new day or they may just be the inspiration you need.

11/19/14 – 9:31 pm – Moon enters Scorpio

Many may find Moon in Scorpio uncomfortable as it expects us to examine our deep feelings, but at least it does mark the end of a long void-of-course.

11/20/14 – 6:56 am – Venus squares Neptune

Venus 4 Sagittarius 48 is making a third quarter waning crisis of consciousness square to Neptune 4 Pisces 48.  This cycle began with their conjunction April 11, 2014 at 6 Pisces 42.  Their first quarter waxing crisis of action square was June 29, 2014 7 Gemini/Pisces 29 and their opposition (full Moon fruition phase) was September 10, 2014 at 5 Virgo/Pisces 52, both occurring while Neptune was retrograde.  Can you think of anything significant in your life that relates to those dates?  Whatever it might be, this is the beginning of the releasing phase.  Time to consider what serves you and what no longer does; in this case it may be about your beliefs.  Good time to give them some thought.

11/21/14 – 1:00 am – Mars returns In-Bounds

After almost eight weeks, Mars 19 Capricorn 30 is finally back in the confines of the Sun; that is within the range of the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn.  Perhaps now Mars will resume playing by the rules, His rules at least.  Things should start to feel a bit less chaotic and we may actual feel as if we have some control but not necessarily today.

There are five exact aspects today following Mars return in-bounds.  First up is a waning sextile from Mercury 19 Scorpio 40 to Mars 19 Capricorn 40.  Perhaps Mercury wants to read Mars the “riot act” for His behavior these past eight weeks or perhaps it’s just a welcome back.  The other four aspects are all by the Moon in Scorpio so this day may get a bit testy as She sextiles Mars, conjuncts Mercury, squares Jupiter and then conjuncts Saturn.  Try to keep your tongue in check and tissue handy, just in case.

11/22/14 – 1:38 am – Sun enters Sagittarius

The Sun ends its void-of-course just ahead of the Moon joining Venus in mutable fire Sagittarius.  Can you feel the shift from fixed water (icy) Scorpio to mutable fire Sagittarius?  If you are living in the path of the Polar Vortex, you may be hoping for at least some of that fiery warmth.

11/22/14 – 4:32 am – New Moon conjunct Sun

This new Moon at 0 Sagittarius 07 is the second of four consecutive new Moon’s at 0 degrees of the sign.  Just as a new Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle, 0 degrees marks the beginning of the new sign.  For anyone who does rituals on the new Moon, this new Moon, and the next two; all at 0 degrees of their signs, have the potential for being extra powerful.

11/22/14 – 8:43 pm – Mercury square Jupiter

With Mercury 22 Scorpio 13 and Jupiter 22 Leo 13, this is the first quarter crisis of action waxing square for these two.  Choose your words carefully and try not to exaggerate or overly embellish whatever point you are trying to make.  With this aspect, words can easily get blown out of proportion.

11/23/14 – 7:16 pm – Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a trine to Jupiter the Moon 22 Sagittarius 16 goes void-of-course for over 13 hours taking us into what for most people will be the beginning of the normal workday.  Best to start your day by reviewing your to-do list and projects or issues that have already been started.  Save the new stuff for after the Moon enters Capricorn.

11/24/14 – 8:31 am – Moon enters Capricorn

Now may be a good time to tackle any new issues or “stuff” that has come up or was left over from last week.

11/25/14 – 6:37 pm – Mercury conjunct Saturn

This marks the end of the Mercury Saturn cycle that began over 13 months ago with the first of three conjunctions between these two.  Their first conjunction was October 8, 2013 at 10 Scorpio 52, their second was with Mercury retrograde on October 29, 2013 at 13 Scorpio 19 and the third with Mercury direct on November 25, 2013 at 16 Scorpio 34.  The first quarter square was another three-peat between January 25, 2014 and March 10, 2014 at 22-23 Aquarius/Scorpio during another Mercury retrograde cycle.  Their “full Moon” fruition phase, the opposition was May 2, 2014 at 20 Taurus/Scorpio with Saturn retrograde.  Their third quarter, crisis of consciousness square was August 8, 2014 at 16 Leo/Scorpio 57 with both direct.  What has been developing in your life during this time period?  What is it that began 12-13 months ago and now seems to be completing?  What new might be developing out of or separate from that?  With Mercury the communicator and Saturn the truth monger, don’t be surprised if some lies or untruths are finally stripped away or revealed.

11/26/14 – 7:30 am – Moon and Mercury go Void-of-Course

Following an easy flowing waxing sextile between these two, both Mercury 27 Scorpio 52 and the Moon 27 Capricorn 52 go void-of-course.  While the Moon will only be void-of-course for less than four hours, Mercury will be void-of-course until late Thanksgiving Day so mind what you say, especially to or about family, friends or mutual acquaintances.

11/26/14 – 11:23 am – Moon enters Aquarius

It’s “hump day” and tomorrow is a holiday so this afternoon may be a good time to look at, prioritize or tackle any new issues or projects.

11/26/14 – 8:20 pm – Sun square Neptune

This is the third quarter crisis of consciousness square in their cycle.  As the Sun shines its light on distant Neptune, will it be enough to burn away any fog of delusion or deceit before tomorrow’s holiday?  This cycle began February 23, 2014 at 5 Pisces 03.  Their first quarter crisis of action square was May 28, 2014 at 7 Gemini/Pisces 33 and their opposition, full Moon fruition phase was August 29, 2014 at 6 Virgo/Pisces 11.  What significance do these dates have in your life?  What began in February and reached a breaking point or “a-ha” moment in August and is on your mind now?  Was some “great truth” revealed to you or was it a deception?  Time to clear away the last of the fog and fluff and start getting to the heart of the matter, that which you will take with you into the next cycle beginning February 25, 2015 when these two meet again, this time at 7 Pisces 16.

11/27/14 – Happy Thanksgiving

So long as you are mindful of what you say (Mercury is void-of-course) this should be a relatively pleasant day for feasting and festivities with family and friends as there are only two friendly sextiles by the Moon today.

11/27/14 – 6:26 pm – Mercury enters Sagittarius

The Mercury void-of-course is over now.  That doesn’t mean you can say whatever you like as it is now in philosophical, what’s it all about Sagittarius.  Sagittarius likes a good party but can also be thoughtlessly honest at times so in consideration of today, if you can’t say something nice about someone, it may be best to say nothing at all.

11/28/14 – 9:14 am – Moon goes Void-of-Course

It’s “Black Friday” and following a first quarter crisis of action square to Saturn in Scorpio, the Moon 27 Aquarius 09, goes void-of-course.  If you are out shopping, keep your receipts organized.  Be sure to get gift receipts for any presents you may buy during this time as some will most likely be returned.

11/28/14 -2:03 pm – Moon enters Pisces

With the Moon in “isn’t everything lovely” Pisces you may be thinking that you have bought the perfect presents for everyone.  It’s OK to think it, but try not to delude yourself into believing it.  Good yes, thoughtful yes, but perfect … probably not, but that is all right for it is the thought and intent that counts.

11/29/14 – 2:06 am – Moon square Sun

With the Moon at 7 Pisces 06 and the Sun at 7 Sagittarius 06, this is a first quarter crisis of action square.  Oh s$%^, you may just realize that you forgot to get someone a present or perhaps that perfect present you bought wasn’t so perfect after all.  Don’t fret.  There is still time to shop or if you need to return or exchange something you have your receipts and should be able to return it and get the “just right” gift.

11/30/14 – 8:27 pm – Mercury square Neptune

Mercury 4 Sagittarius 51 is making a third quarter crisis of consciousness square to Neptune.  Their cycle began March 22, 2014 at 6 Pisces 03.  Their first quarter crisis of action square was May 11, 2014 at 7 Gemini/Pisces 22 and their opposition, full Moon fruition phase was August 18, 2014 at 6 Virgo/Pisces 28.  Is there any significance to these dates in your life?  What is it that you now realize the truth of?  There may still be time to “make it right” as the new cycle, conjunction between these two isn’t until March 18, 2015 at 8 Pisces 01.

Looking ahead to December we have both Venus and Mercury going out-of-bounds meaning both may find it easier not to “play by the rules.”  We also have a rare new Moon at 0 Capricorn 06, almost exactly on the Winter Solstice.  This should be a very powerful Winter Solstice as it sets the tone for the coming year.  Plan your rituals well and be careful what you wish for, you just might get it in 2015.


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Jim Schultz

Jim has been a professional astrologer and Oraclist for over 15 years. As a child his favorite books were the encyclopedia and the Almanac. He continues to be intrigued by the Universe around us; always searching for answers and new questions. Should you ask, he will tell you there is no such thing as "TMI."

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7 Responses to “AstroWatch”

  1.' Donna says:

    Oh boy! I am not an astrology student, however, I do enjoy reading your article every week. I have picked up the tiniest sliver of what is being discussed and from what I am able to glean, July sounds like it has the potential to be rather challenging. As a Taurus, I was happy to have read about the Mercury retrograde before it happens! I will be carefully watching my “p’s & q’s ” throughout the month and refer back to the entirety of the article – changes are a-comin’ for sure.
    Thanks for your work!

  2.' andy says:

    “01/18/13 – 12:56 am – Mercury conjunct Sun 28 Aquarius 26″
    Sun still in Capricorn

  3.' Dane Sullivan says:

    Probably just an editorial slip, but believe the May 9 eclipse doesn’t happen until 5:55 at 19 Taurus 33. Enjoy your observations!

  4. Jim Schultz says:

    Hi Dane, thank you for your comment. Not sure what your source for the eclipse time is. I use Solar Fire 8 for the dates and times I post. The time is based on the exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon which is 5:28 pm PDT. The NASA eclipse site shows a time of 5:26 pm PDT.

  5.' Dane Sullivan says:

    Hey Jim,
    Source: Astronomical Phenomena For the Year 2013, prepared by US Naval Observatory and Her Majesty’s Nautical Almanac which defines lunar eclipse time as Moon reaching centermost point of its journey thorough the shadow cast by the earth, and solar eclipses timed for maximum obscuration — typically different from time of simple conjunction. However, I note the Rosicrucian Ephemeris, citing JPL and the US Naval Observatory call it at 5:21. I’m betting there’s yet another computation out there.

  6.' Iolé says:

    What a time to be born for the new prince-princess in England!
    Leo sun, Cancer planets: care for the family = the Kingdom, Aquarius Moon- we need open minds in the future!

  7. James Schultz says:

    Here are the basic astrological details of His Royal Highness, Prince of Cambridge. Weight 8 lbs. 6 oz., according to news reports, the heaviest future King by birth weight in 100 years of more. Correct birth time is July 22, 2013, 4:24 pm, London, England.

    A true “cusper” with Sun 29 Cancer 58. Moon 28 Capricorn 17, which means that HRH was born less than 3 hours before the full Moon at 0 Aquarius. Birth ascendant is 27 Scorpio 10 and his birth M/C is 20 Virgo 36. He was born with 7 of the 10 primary points in Cardinal signs and 6 of them in water signs. He has a Grand Water Trine of Mars 6 Cancer and Jupiter 5 Cancer trining Saturn 5 Scorpio and trining Neptune 5 Pisces. He also has a Cardinal T-square with Mercury 13 Cancer opposing Pluto 9 Capricorn and both squaring Uranus 12 Aries. He has none of the 10 primary points in an Air sign and 3 of them are retrograde. 3 retrogrades is the second most common number, 2 being the most common. Born with Mars out-of-bounds north might he be a rather precocious child, to say the least.


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